Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Welcome to Hell, CA

I've lived in the Bay Area for six years now. I went to college in Pasadena from 1992-1997. So in all I've lived in California for eleven years. Hardly a lifetime, but still a decent amount of time. In that time, I've never experienced heat like we've had the last week. I grew up in Florida, and the combination of heat and humidity there is generally much more uncomfortable than any heat in California. So a hot day in San Jose is rarely too uncomfortable for me. That has not been true for this heat wave. It has been unbearable. I am just thankful to live in an air conditioned house and that the electricity to my house has been uninterrupted. Many of my neighbors have not been so lucky, as there have been a lot of power outages. I live in one of the hotter parts of San Jose.

I'm actually a little surprised that somebody has not claimed that this heat wave is more evidence of global warming. I think that would be a pretty dubious claim (even though I think air pollution is a huge problem,) but I still expect it to be made. Lots of people wanted to blame Hurricane Katrina on global warming, and this would seem like an even more obvious conclusion to draw.

The heat has also made me very diligent in venting my car during the day. I always roll down all four windows about 10% and vent the sunroof. I really think that some car maker should put a "vent" button in the car and/or on the fob to the car. It would be great to hit the lock button on your fob and then hit the vent, too.

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