Monday, July 10, 2006

Expert Bee

Saturday I came across an ad craigslist. I responded to the ad, and got an email from a guy named Diego that I needed to make a bid on the project through a site called Expert Bee. I went ahead and did and won the bid. I then had to pay $8 to get in touch with the actualy client -- this guy Diego was an Expert Bee employee who had just cross-listed the ad on craigslist probably because he realized that not many people were reading the Expert Bee site. Today I get a response from the client. He no longer needs help on the project, so I'm simply out $8. He said that the Expert Bee interface had made it confusing for him to realize what was going on. Can't say I'm too big of a fan of these Expert Bee guys either! At least I paid them through PayPal so I don't have to be too paranoid that there going to (continue) to rip me off in the future...

Update: I exchanged some emails with the aforementioned Diego, and my $8 was refunded to me. So these guys seem a lot more on the up-and-up after all.

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