Monday, July 24, 2006

Liquid Metal vs. Web 2.0

One of the stations that I've been enjoying on XM lately is XMLM -- XM Liquid Metal. I like metal, though I've never been "really into it." It's fun to listen to casually, but it's usually too flawed to listen to intently. Most of the singers try to sound scary, and that's just too humorous to take seriously. Now I do listen to some of the lighter, crossover stuff like Tool and System of a Down. I did buy Slipknot's last record, too, but it really got old after a while. Anyways, it's the perfect kind of music to listen to on XM. You just turn on Ch. 42 while you drive and don't pay too much attention to the singers.

The other thing about metal bands that is really funny are their names. You've probably seen this survey making fun of Web 2.0 company names by comparing them with names of Star Wars characters. You could easily do the same thing with metal band names like Opeth, Chimaira, Unearth, Mastodon, Adema, Motograter, Taproot, Candiria, Brujeria, Atreyu, Dimmu Borgir, Himsa, Soilwork, and Spineshank. I should've thrown some Web 2.0 sites in there just to prove the point, but those are really all metal bands and links to their sites. Many of them have MySpace pages as well, just demonstrating the depth of the MySpace penetration into youth culture. It's not just cheerleaders and student council members using that place, it's the kids who hate them as well.

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