Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

I read this article about Apple and Nike releasing the Nike + iPod Sport Kit. This was first announced back in May, but is just no making its way to your local Apple Store. I've been intrigued by this device, since I run three days a week and I listen to my Nano while I run. So I would seem like the target audience for the device.

Reading the review, it does seem like it has a lot of nice features. It's nice to know how far you've gone and how far you need to go still on a run. Personally I run the same route each morning, and I know all the distances on the route. Isn't this necesarry for any runner? In such a case, then the extra data on the Nano during the run is kind of useless. The "power song" feature is kind of amusing, but I could see it being useful.

The big value to me is that uploads this info to the nikeplus website every time you dock your Nano. That website seems to have some nice tools for tracking progress, etc. That seems really useful or at least interesting. I pretty much know my fastest times, but I don't write these things down -- it's not worth the effort. There's no effort with the sport kit.

Of course it's probably a moot point for me anyways. I'm not going to buy one of the special pairs of Nike shoes to run in. Nike does not make running shoes that are good for an over-pronator like me. I'll stick to my Brooks Addictions. Of course it looks like I might be able to attach it to me shoelaces, like a timing chip. However, I have a Marware armband I keep my Nano in while I run. This essential in protecting the Nano from sweat. I don't think my Nano with a sport kit attached to it would fit in my armband. Somehow I'm guessing it will fit fine if I used the Nike armband instead...

The sport kit is not too expensive at $29. The armband costs that much, too. So that's $60 to easily track workout results... Doesn't seem worth it to me.

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