Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mac Ads

I used to be a Mac user, and Mac ad campaigns have always been interesting. I really love this bit making fun of them.

Ah, it's so funny because it's so true. Maybe I wouldn't find it as funny if I still owned a Mac, especially since I like worn jeans to boot. I think I'd still find it hilarious though. The worst thing about Macs are generally their owners. They definitely tend to be obnoxious elitists. I have a long time friend whose been a Mac for as long as I've known him (almost fifteen years) and he totally fits every Mac-fan stereotype you can think of. I have another acquaintance who is a huge Mac and especially Steve Jobs fan, and she is often guilty of pretentiousness.

Of course it's dangerous to get carried away with generalizations. I know other people who are annoying techno-snobs, too and are not Mac users. Also, I used to have a co-worker who had worked for Apple for ten years. She was a Mac user of course, but she was never arrogant and snobby about it at all. Still, the lost Mac ad is a lot of fun.

Macs are popular at my new workplace. I thought about getting a Mac laptop to go along with my Linux desktop system, but went with a Dell laptop running Windows instead. I like Mac hardware, especially now that they have Core Duos in their laptops, and I really love OSX. I bought my first Mac (an iBook) five years ago because of OSX. Still, when I thought about things objectively, I knew I would be much more productive with a Windows laptop than a Mac. I might buy a Mac laptop for my home use, or maybe another Power Mac when they get revved with Intel chips, but I would really only want it for personal use, not for work. Plus, even with the switch to Intel chips, Macs are expensive. The Dell I got has very similar stats to a 15" MacBook Pro (same processor, screen size/resolution), but I got it with more RAM and a bigger and faster hard drive. It cost around $700 less than a MacBook Pro, partially because it doesn't have a DVD burner, Bluetooth, a built-in webcam, remote control, or the illustrious iLife apps. Maybe those things are worth $700, but I had no need for them. The only thing it had that I might have appreciated was a better video card, but that's not worth $700.

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