Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Great Idea and Hope for Education?

I came across this article about a lawsuit in New Jersey. I read it and immediately thought: "Why hasn't somebody done this before?" In the lawsuit, parents of children in "failing" schools (not sure what that means exactly, though it has an obvious conotation) are suing the state to allow them to switch their kids to a school of their choice and (this is the key) to get the money that would have gone to their "old bad school" and use it for the new school. What a great idea! It just makes so much sense. It seems so much smarter than the now "conventional" approach of just pumping more funds into the "failing" school in hope of "fixing" it.

Of course, your kids shouldn't have to go to a particularly bad school just so you get this kind of choice and freedom. Everybody should get such freedom. I'm still hoping these parents succeed, since I think it would lead to everybody (at least in New Jersey) getting the same kind of choices and freedom.

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