Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tomcat 6 on OSX

I needed to run Tomcat, so I decided to use Tomcat 6 for a change. I got an all too familiar when I tried to start things with catalina start:

The BASEDIR environment variable is not defined correctly

Grrr... I've had this error before, but I couldn't remember at first what the deal was. Then I remembered it... The shells scripts in $CATALINA_HOME/bin aren't executable by default...

chmod +x *.sh
./ start
Using CATALINA_BASE: /Users/michael/dev/apache-tomcat-6.0.13/
Using CATALINA_HOME: /Users/michael/dev/apache-tomcat-6.0.13/
Using CATALINA_TMPDIR: /Users/michael/dev/apache-tomcat-6.0.13//temp
Using JRE_HOME: /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0/Home

Ahh, much better!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the solution. I had the same problem when I tried to install Tomcat 6 on Debian. I was smart to chmod +x the and, but was still dumb to forget about the rest.


Anonymous said...

I had the same problem on Mac OSX - and like you I too forgot. But your post reminded me ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well, this post can still be used... :o)