Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New Articles on IBM

There's a couple of new articles that I wrote that are now available on IBM developerWorks:

The Geronimo renegade: Using integrated packages: Codehaus' Woodstox: This is an article all about Geronimo's StAX implementation, Woodstox. If you're an old veteran of XML parsing like I am, you have to love StAX. Woodstox is not only an excellent StAX implementation, it is a killer piece of software. We use it in a lot of places at eBay because it is so fast.

Use JavaScript to make your XForms more robust: This is a very cool article about mixing JavaScript and XForms together. XForms has become kind of a forgotten technology, which is a real shame. It has so much to offer. I think part of the reason it is forgotten is because people don't realize that it is standardized and integrated with other technologies. It plays nice. It's not some one-off technology that lets you do some cute things in a sandbox. This article shows how everything in the XForms world is accessible through JavaScript. It's not a read-only kind of access either. You can modify models and forms, etc. I'm planning on writing some more on XForms and how it integrates with a certain well known AJAX framework that is usually referred to as a three letter acronym...

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