Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I had to try Apple's latest addition to iWork, Numbers. It's not just a pure Excel clone. It has a very nice UI. I really liked the templates it came with. I was most impressed with being able to copy HTML tables and past them into Numbers. That's a nice feature of Excel 2004 on the Mac. On Windows, you only get that if you use IE with Excel. It doesn't have pivot tables though. That is a deal breaker for power users. Still, it's pretty nice. I'm going to see if Pages has improved more. If it has, I could definitely seeing myself using Pages and Numbers instead of Office, especially since Office is still not a universal binary. Keynote was already superior to PowerPoint IMO.

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Anonymous said...

Visit the Apple Support discussions, I posted an answer to a "power user" that required a simple pivot like table, showing how to use regular IF and countif type formulas to accomplish the visual result of a pivot table.

Before pivot tables we were forced to use formulas to accomplish it. just have to go back to the old days of doing it.