Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ozzie Guillen

I got a good chuckle when I read about Ozzie Guillen's latest tirade. This is just sweet justice. They so deserve to stink. Their lineup is full of the kind of players that ruin your team. Their love affair with small ball has their roster full of guys who can't take a pitch and just make outs constantly. Guys like Scott Podsednik, Darin Erstad, and Jerry Owens. They've gotten about what you would expect out of Jim Thome, Paul Konerko, and Jermaine Dye, but I'm sure that's where the blame will fall. The only guy in their whole lineup who has any plate discipline is Thome. He's had a slightly subpar year by his standards, but he's 37. What can you expect? They are dead last in the AL in runs scored, but this exactly what they should have expected. They're also dead last in OBP at .317 (!!!) -- funny that.

Their pitching has been bad, too. John Garland has been a little worse than you might have expected, and Jose Contreras has been truly awful. Mark Buehrle and Javier Vazquez have been about what you would expect. Their bullpen has been bad except for Bobby Jenks. Again most of these guys haven't been any worse than you would expect.

So yeah the White Sox are really bad, but they should be really bad. Their management put together a bad team. Who knows how much of that equation is Guillen. He's certainly shown a love for putting fast guys with no patience at the top of his batting order, and that is a major reason for their terrible offense.

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