Sunday, January 27, 2008

Running 2008

You might have noticed my Nike+ widget has disappeared from the blog. That's because my Nike+ has disappeared from me when I run. It started getting very unreliable when I was running. After three or four 9-10 minute miles, it would suddenly say I was popping off 7 minute miles. I have no idea if it is a problem with the transmitter or the iPod unit. Either way, there was no point in using it if it was giving me wildly inaccurate statistics.

I am definitely still running. I took a bit of a break after the half-marathon in October. I never stopped, but I dialed things back to around 10 miles or so per week. I will probably run the same races I ran last year, so a 10K in May and a half-marathon in October. I would really like to do another half-marathon in July at the San Francisco marathon, but that's always a challenge from a logistical standpoint.


Unknown said...

Not having Nike+ shoes occasionally I had the same problem with my sensor. The problem I had was that the sensor kept flipping upside down while running which led to the inaccurate readings. I found a different way to attach the sensor more securely to my laces and the problem has disappeared. Hope this helps.

Unknown said...

Thanks Mat. I actually have a little pouch for Marware. It wraps around the laces and velcroes in place, wrapping the the sensor completely. So it is very secure. I bought that after a run one day where I suddenly got the Nike+ voice telling me "Signal lost from sensor" and I had to backtrack over six blocks or so until I found my sensor on the sidewalk.