Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blogging for Obama

Barack Obama certainly had an impressive victory yesterday in South Carolina. I am definitely rooting for him over Hillary Clinton. Now I voted for Bill Clinton twice. I turned 18 and in 1992 and so it was the first time I could vote. However, I cannot support Hillary because she voted for the war. Obama correctly says that many Democrats supported the war initially because they were afraid to look weak. Is that really a quality you want in a president? Of course the alternative is that she really agreed with the President or that she was stupid enough to be fooled. Whatever, so soup for Hillary. I don't care who your husband is.

And speaking of her husband, what the heck is going on with their campaign against Obama? Bills saying that Obama winning South Carolina was not a big deal because Jesse Jackson won South Carolina 20 yeas ago is an obviously racist statement. It's saying "any black candidate can win South Carolina." It makes me ashamed that I once voted for Bill Clinton.

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