Thursday, January 17, 2008

NFL Playoffs

I was listening to sports radio (stupid me) and heard the following:

Caller: "Everyone wants San Diego to beat New England this weekend."

Host: "That is ridiculous. That is like saying that everyone wants Tiger Woods to miss the cut at the Masters. No. Everybody wants Tiger Woods to lose by double-bogeying the 18th hole in the final round of The Masters. Tom Brady is the Tiger Woods of the NFL."

Huh? First off, people hate Tiger? That is news to me. I didn't think anybody rooted against Tiger. Maybe some folks have a different favorite golfer, and root for that golfer over Tiger. I have always liked Phil Mickelson because he's a lefty, and I golf left handed. I like Mike Weir for the same reason! But who hates Tiger Woods? Fuzzy Zoeller maybe?

Next, Tom Brady is the Tiger Woods of the NFL? Now this is just stupid. Tiger is the most talented golfer out there, and nobody could claim that Tom Brady is the most talented quarterback, and certainly not the most talented football player.

Quick question... What is the difference between last year's Patriots and this year's Patriots? Is it A.) Tom Brady B.) Bill Bellichick C.) Randy Moss D.) Electronic Surveillance ... Alright I know, trick question. Anyways, it is obviously Randy Moss. Oh, and a whole lot of points and wins to go along with Randy Moss. If I would have had a vote for NFL MVP it would have gone to Moss.

Don't get me wrong, I wish the Dolphins had Tom Brady at QB! But I just don't see him as Tiger Woods. Then again I was never a big Joe Montana fan either, and Montana is clearly the QB that Brady is most similar to.

I was disappointed that Indianapolis and Dallas both lost. They were clearly the two teams with the best chance of beating New England. I don't know how anyone can see an extremely wounded San Diego can go into Foxboro and come out with a win... Green Bay and New York could actually be a pretty close game, but San Diego would be favored against either of them. Remember, the NFC has been a lot weaker than the AFC for many years now, kind of like the AL vs. the NL in MLB or the Western conference vs. the Eastern conference in the NBA...

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