Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ning Code

I was leisurely sifting through feeds in Google Reader when I came across a new one from the Ning dev blog. It was about enabling public feeds in private networks. They explained why this was a hard problem (it is) but how you could enable it given some security caveats (so far so good.) One of the keys is changing the source code for your network, which is very cool. That's where the coolness ends. Here's an excerpt:

To change the display code, first visit the file /lib/XG_TemplateHelpers.php and find the function xg_autodiscovery_link(). Remove the if (XG_App::appIsPrivate()) { return; } text (but leave the ?> at the end of that line.)

Next, visit the various templates that might display RSS links. These files are:

  • /widgets/forum/templates/category/list.php
  • /widgets/forum/templates/topic/list.php
  • /widgets/forum/templates/topic/show.php

That list is actually much longer, but you get the point. Umm, hasn't anyone here ever heard of encapsulation? PHP supports OOP, or at least enough of it to easily hide this particular flag so you don't have to remote it in twelve places!

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