Friday, October 19, 2007

GWT and XForms Series, Parts 3 and 4

The last two parts of the GWT and XForms series I wrote for IBM are up now: Part 3 and Part 4. Part 4 is fun since it is more "icing on the cake" kind of stuff as opposed to the core integration of the two technologies. I really wanted to work in some info GWT's ImageBundles. It's a slick implementation of the CSS sprite pattern.

Continuing down that tangent... I'd like to see an ActionScript implementation of that pattern. It would be cool to take a dozen images in Flex Builder, have it create a composite, and then use that for any references to those images in your Flex application. Of course maybe it's not needed. If you knew you needed those dozen images for your app, you could just embed them all in your SWF. That's going to be even more efficient since you won't have to make the HTTP request for the composite image. Obviously there are advantages to externalizing, since you could change the composite image without recompiling your SWF and without having to worry about referencing a new version of your SWF that's not being cached by users. It also allows for localization of the images. Enough rambling on that topic for now.

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