Friday, July 13, 2007

Non-Java Article on IBM

I have a new article up on developerWorks: Developing applications using the Eclipse C/C++ Development Toolkit. This is one does not use Java, as should be obvious from the name, though it does use Eclipse. For some reason IBM listed my very old "About the author" info from the first article I wrote for them 1.5 years ago. So it says I work for Vitria still, instead of eBay.

It was a fun article, though I must provide a word of warning on it. CDT relies on g++/make/gdb being "properly" installed on your system. This can be a real pain on Windows, though it is status quo on any kind of Linux or on OSX. From the screenshots, it is obvious I wrote the article on a Mac, and part of why I did that was so that I did not have to deal with make/cygwin configuration on Windows. So before trying CDT out, make sure you have its prereqs working, i.e. at least use make to build something with at least two source files, via the command line. Otherwise you might think there's a problem with CDT, when actually the problem is with make or cygwin.

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WayneJames said...

Doug Schaefer is trying to lower the barrier to entry for CDT on Windows. Your readers may be interested in his "CDT on Windows" project (

The name of the project may change soon, though, due to a friendly reminder from the Eclipse Foundation. (