Sunday, July 01, 2007

All Star Game

The top story on ESPN starts out "Despite a lackluster season ... Barry Bonds will be right at home in the 78th All Star Game." A lackluster season? Bonds is #1 in the NL in OBP with a gaudy 0.513. OBP is arguably the most important stat in baseball, but it is often overlooked by sports writers. Fine. He's #2 in the NL in SLG at 0.599, and not surprisingly #1 in OPS at 1.112. He's not just #1, but #1 with a bullet. The difference between him and #2 Chase Utley is 0.128. If you subtracted 0.128 from Utley's OPS you would drop 24 slots in the rankings. Yet, Bonds is clearly having a lackluster season...

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