Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Facebook App

Today I wrote a new Facebook app. It's a Flex based app that let's you watch the most popular videos on YouTube. You can watch the YouTube video from inside Facebook, which is kind of nice. That required some hacking of how YouTube hides the URL of their FLV files. The FLV is the actual video you watch on YouTube. People love to use the embed code for a YouTube video so they can put the video on their own page/blog/whatever. The embed references a SWF file. That SWF file is what references the FLV file and plays it inside the Flash Player.

Anyways, back to the Facebook app. I wrote it with the primary intent of using it for a presentation I'm planning on doing at FlexCamp in a few weeks. The presentation is going to be on *drum roll* creating a Facebook app using Flex. I'm also going to use the Find it on eBay application written by my colleague Anand Gangadharan. It's a lot more advanced than my little YouTube application.

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