Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Who I Met at Lunch 2.0

I met several interesting people at Lunch 2.0 today @ NetGear. Maybe the most notable was Jessica Mah. I sat across from her while I woofed down the free BBQ (which was only good because it was free.) I thought she looked familiar, and I then remembered reading an interview with her on Valleywag. In retrospect, the interview on Valleywag is a fairly good representation of what it's like to talk to her in person. The biggest difference would be that she curses a lot more in person. Jessica is a future billionaire, though, so I had better be nice.

She had another 17-year old friend who met her there that was more interesting. She was more concerned with figuring out what to major in, so I guess she's not heading up any companies.

The whole experience reminded me a lot of college. Way more men than women, and yet all I remember are the women.

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