Wednesday, May 16, 2007


One interesting thing from JavaOne was that I wound up with an invite to the Joost beta. I installed it on my MacBook last night and checked it out. The UI is very cool. I'm even more impressed to know they are using XUL for it.

I watched a couple of clips: a Comedy Central show, a Fort Minor video (from Warner Brothers), and a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model profile. The video quality is pretty good. Definitely a couple of steps above YouTube. It still came up lacking, especially with the swimsuit model! It was tolerable for the other two shows.

The responsiveness was very good for me, but I do have a very fast connection (8 mbps) at home. Everything seemed really smooth and impressive. Obviously there's not a lot of content on there. I showed it to my wife this morning, and she was less than impressed. I think if the MTV channel would have had Pimp My Ride on it, then she might have been a little impressed.

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