Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Flock Update

I installed the latest developer build of Flock on my MacBook. The latest changes are really nice. Setting up your services (, flickr, Blogger, etc.) is really easy. You just visit those pages and Flock asks if you want it to remember your info so you can use its tools. The UI changes are also pretty nice. The new My World thing is interesting, though I haven't really tried it out yet. The Blogger is integration is also supposed to be improved, with support for Blogger's labels. I'm trying that out by using Flock to write this post.


Elais said...

I was debating whether getting a macbook or a macbook pro for coding. I'm torn, the 13in. screen isn't too tiny?

Unknown said...

That was the biggest question for me too. The MacBook's screen is great, probably because it is so bright. The resolution is 1280x800 which is plenty of real estate for Eclipse or XCode or whatever.

Elais said...

Thanks for the input, I just may buy a black macbook, that is if they don't come out with that rumored 13in. pro. I'm not purchasing til mid to late august however. I rss-ed your blog. Maybe when I start posting anything significant I'll point you to mine.