Sunday, February 04, 2007


Now that was a heckuva Super Bowl. Well, at least the first quarter. It's hard to remember a more eventful quarter of football, particularly a Super Bowl. I don't think all the fumbling can be blamed on the rain. There was a lot of nerves going on and, of course, a lot of randomness. Yes, the R-word. The thing that people hate more than anything else.

Anyways, it was clear in the first half that the Colts were a much better team. The Bears were very lucky to be so close. It was clear in the second half that Tony Dungy didn't want to blow out his good friend Lovie Smith. The AFC is just a much better and deeper league right now than the NFC. It reminded me of watching Florida crush Ohio State. The SEC has faster, more physical players than the Big Ten. Maybe you can say the same thing about the AFC and NFC.

Speaking of The Gators, I was completely rooting for Chicago because of their Gator connection. So it was particularly painful to watch Rex Grossman. At this point, even I have to admit that it looks like Rex just doesn't have the mental abilities to play quarterback in the NFL. He clearly has the physical talent. His decision making is terrible and you can just see him struggle with the design on some plays. Sometimes I see Rex and get flashbacks to Ryan Leaf...

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