Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Vista Uneasiness

There's an open call for Vista questions on MSDN Channel 9. This was posted by Microsoft programmer/Technical Evangelist Charles, so theoretically there will be some answers to the many questions being posted.

On another Vista related topic, Apple is warning iPod users not to use Vista as it may damage their iPod. As Dave Winer points out, that is just ridiculous. Shame on Apple for not having readied an iTunes update to go out BEFORE Vista shipped. They had a huge amount of time to resolve this issue, so clearly they chose not to. I would be shocked if they did not already have an iTunes update ready. They probably had it ready a couple of months ago. They clearly chose not to send this out in advance, since they thought they could create some negative press for Vista at its launch. A look at Apple's "Hot News" shows lots of cherry-picked Vista reviews that slam on it. Just when Apple seemed to be concentrating on electronic devices instead of computers, they start acting like a rejected boyfriend yelling "Don't go out with him, I'm the best guy for you!"

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