Friday, February 02, 2007

What's Wrong with Yahoo Mail?

It seems like every time that I go to the Yahoo! home page, it says I have new email -- but I don't.

Notice that the Mail tab says I have 4 new messages, but looking at the preview and it finds none. Now it is possible that I have 4 new messages, but for some reason the dates on the messages are screwed up and thus do not show up in the preview, since the preview is sorted by received date. Not likely, but possible. So I open up mail and lo and behold, no messages:

This happens all the time! I've been very disappointed with Yahoo's mail. It's obviously a clone of Outlook, but anybody who has used Outlook Web Access has used a better Outlook clone. I only use my Yahoo account for things like signing up for websites that I don't quite trust, so it's no big deal that it sucks. Just annoying.

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