Friday, April 01, 2005

Notable Deaths

Despite supporting Terry Schiavo's right to die, I took no pleasure in her passing away. I am glad the ordeal is reaching closure for her family. I think the continued outrage by Republicans is absolutely shameless. It always makes me wonder: do the Republicans really believe in crap like this or is it just pandering to the religious right? I'm not sure which is worse. If they really believe in it, then they really do have more in common with Mussolini than with Hayek. If they don't (which is more likely I think), then their duplicity is truly appalling.

As for The Pope ... well it's just sad. Basically the whole world watched his health steadily decline and the got to sit vigil as he passed away. I'm not Catholic, and disagreed with The Pope on almost everything, but it is heartbreaking to see somebody wither away, especially a person as beloved as The Pope.

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