Friday, April 08, 2005

Baseball, baseball, baseball

Ahh spring is really here when baseball season starts. Of course you couldn't tell it here in San Jose, where it's cold and rainy. I'm not letting that curb my enthusiasm for the start of the baseball season. I grew up an Atlanta Braves fan, though I'm also a fan of the Florida Marlins. Of course I root for the home teams here, too. I love going to Giants games.
Of course the big news in baseball is steroids. I think the whole thing is ridiculous. I don't care if a guy uses steroids, just like I don't care if they take vitamin supplements or if they've had Tommy John surgery. These are all modern "miracles" that let people get more from their body than ever before. There's a big downside to steroids though, but if somebody wants to take that kind of health risk, then that's their business. Trying to ban steroids is trying to stop progress. It won't work and is a waste of time anyways.
What's even worse than fans complaining about steroids is Congress getting involved. What an amazing waste of time. I suppose they think they have the right to do this, because they've granted MLB protection as a monopoly. That in itself is an outrage. They shouldn't be involved at all with baseball. It's a gross misuse of power. Let MLB have whatever steroids policy they want. If fans don't like it, then let them not go to games, not watch games on tv, not buy merchandise, etc. MLB will adjust their policy accordingly. There is no need for the government to step in. Of course there will pundits crying "but what about the kids!" That's what parents are for. Let them take responsibility for what their kids do.

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