Wednesday, May 20, 2009

JavaOne Talk: Python Reversible Numbers

See this post about why this code is being shown. See this post for the Java version to compare against.

class PyReversible(object):
__slots__ = ['max','numReversible']

def __init__(self, max):
self.max = max
self.numReversible = self.countReversible()

def countReversible(self):
return len([i for i in xrange(11,self.max+1) if self.reversible(i)])

def allOdd(self,n):
for ch in str(n):
if int(ch) % 2 != 1:
return False
return True

def reverse(self,n):
return n + int(str(n)[::-1])

def reversible(self,n):
return self.allOdd(self.reverse(n))

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