Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Oh the drama in the Green Bay... So Brett Favre wants to play again next year. Green Bay does not want him to play. They are all too happy to move on and start the Aaron Rodgers era. Is Green Bay being foolish? Is Favre just going to embarrass himself trying to come out of retirement? Let's look at some facts.

Favre had a 95.7 passer rating last year. That placed him #2 in the NFC, behind Tony Romo. He was also #2 touchdown passes (28) and #3 in passing yards (4155.) So it sure seems like Favre is still playing at not just a "good" level, but an elite level. But...
In the two previous seasons, Favre had passer ratings of 70.9 and 72.7. He threw 9 more interceptions than touchdown passes during those two years. This is definitely below average for an NFL quarterback, especially for a QB in a passer-stat friendly system like they run in Green Bay.

So what Favre will show up in 2008? Everybody wants to villify Green Bay for disrespecting one the most beloved players in NFL history. I wonder what John Madden would say about it...

I digress... Anyways, you can't just say the Packers are being crazy jerks. There are some good reasons to think that Favre may not play well this season: past performance and age. Clearly they must think highly of Aaron Rodgers. Personally, I've heard a lot of sound bites from this guy, and he seems like a real jerk. But so what? He may still be a good QB, though he seems more similar to Pac-10 QBs like Cade McNown or at his best a Matt Leinart as opposed to a Carson Palmer.

So what should the Packers do? Trade Favre. However, they must trade him to a team they won't play and preferably to a team in the AFC. They need to get something back for him that will appease the fans. Luckily for the Packers, I've got the solution. They need to trade Favre for Lilly:

Who would not be happy about getting Lilly? Miami was terrible last year, so it is kind of a punishment for Favre for allowing his indecisiveness cause such problems. There is no chance that they would have to face Favre next year as well. For Miami, well losing Lilly would hurt. However, Favre would be a big upgrade. If things don't go well ... well it will still be better than last year, right? It would certainly get fans excited and at the games. It is win-win.

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