Friday, May 02, 2008

As the Bird Turns

Another week, another Twitter outage ... and a new round of technology questions and rumors. TechCrunch now thinks that Twitter is abandoning Rails. This time out, Arrington attempts to be a little more fair-and-balanced than when he wrote about Blaine leaving. He points other sites that claim to have scaled Rails. This was of particular interest to me, so let's take a look.

Scribd -- Slide 7 claims three databases! Uh oh, is DHH right and I'm going to have to eat crow? Well maybe, but not because of Scribd. They only use master-slave relationship, but cleverly offload expensive queries to the slaves. Still only one place to write data. When (if) their data gets too big for a single database, they are going to be the ones singing "bring that beat back!"

Friends for Sale -- I could write a lot just about these guys and how ... umm ... interesting their setup is. I'll just quote them: "The most important thing we learned is that your scalability problems is pretty much always, always, always the database" but "on the database side we're still with a monolithic master and we're trying to push off sharding for as long as we can." They still have no problem claiming that "The whole 'but does Rails scale?' discussion sounds like a bunch of masturbation - the point is moot." You can't make up stuff like this!

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