Monday, March 17, 2008

Go Disney?

A friend of mine got the following email:
Dear Parent of Chris,
We're pleased to inform you that your teenager has registered with us
and will now have access to the Internet sites of the
Walt Disney Internet Group ("WDIG") including,,,, and many more!

As a result, we want to make you aware of all of the information below:

1. Participation in WDIG Site Features. Now that your teenager is
registered with us, he/she can participate in all of the features we
make available on our sites to registered guests under the age of 18,
including games, sweepstakes, contests and interactive features on our
sites through which personal information can be made public to the
Internet and shared with users of all ages (i.e., "Public Forums").
// Random B.S. omitted

2. Terms of Use. Use of all WDIG Sites is governed by the
"Terms of Use" posted at the bottom of each WDIG Site.

The Terms of Use contain important provisions governing your, your
teen's and our rights including acceptable conduct on the WDIG Sites,
intellectual property rights (for example, our right to use
information, content and materials submitted to us by your teen) and
other rights available to you, your teen and us. We ask that you
read the Terms of Use and ensure that you understand them. If you
do not want you and your teen to be bound by these terms, you must
revoke your teen's registration. If you revoke your teen's
registration, your teen will not be able to access any portions of
the WDIG Sites that are made available only to registered guests.

Click below to view the Terms of Use:

By not revoking your teen's registration, you agree that you and your
teen will be bound by the Terms of Use in connection with his/her use
of WDIG Sites and you agree to personally ensure that your teen
complies with the Terms of Use. (emphasis added)

If you want us to revoke your teen's registration, click below:

// link removed
How awesome is Disney! Under-age? No problem. Go ahead and register on their site. Then your parents will receive an email and have to read it and click on something to revoke your registration. Or better yet, just use a bogus email for your parents to remove the off chance of them actually reading the email and being responsible.

That is clearly the case here in fact. My friend has no children, so clearly some child picked a random email address that happened to be my friend's. Now if that child will start publishing plans to blow up buildings on a Disney forum page, my friend can be held responsible (per the Terms of Use.) Lovely!

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