Saturday, April 21, 2007

First Major Vista Problem: iTunes

Most of my transition to Vista has been pretty smooth. Gmail Notifier does not work on Vista. After reading some Google Groups posts, it doesn't sound like Google is going to fix this. That's not too big of a deal though. I use Google Talk anyways, and Crystal uses the Google Toolbar for Firefox. Both provide the same functionality.

A much bigger deal was iTunes. I could not get iTunes to make a secure connection to the iTunes Music Store, thus I could not authorize my computer. This prevented me from playing any songs that either Crystal or I had bought to play. That was a very big problem. I kept a cryptic error message about "Unknown error -9808."

I ran the iTunes Network Diagnostic (I didn't even know they had this!) It took me to a support page that suggested that I needed to make sure Internet Explorer had either SSL 3.0 or TLS enabled. I found it funny that I had to fiddle with Internet Explorer to get iTunes to work. But that was not the problem.

I turned off the Windows Firewall. No luck. I tried turning down IE's security settings as low as they can go. No luck. I tried telling Vista to run iTunes as an administrator. No luck.

Finally I found this article on Apple's support discussions. This sounded like it would not help, but I tried it anyways. I reduced the Maximum Transfer Unit on my router from 1500 to 1400. I restarted the router. Then I launched iTunes. Mysteriously I got a message from Windows Firewall saying that it had been blocking some iTunes functionality.

WTF!? I had turned Windows Firewall off. I had rebooted since I had done that, and got a complaint from Windows about having it turned off. And yet, it claimed it had been interfering with iTunes. It kindly asked me if I wanted to stop blocking iTunes, and I emphatically clicked in the affirmative. I then tried once again to sign in to the iTunes Music Store and voila!

I wish I could claim to understand what happened here. Did changing the MTU on my router really cause Windows to suddenly ask me about enabling iTunes functionality? Was it just same bizarre coincidence? Who knows. At least it is working. For now.


slwright said...

having exactly the same problem, and gone through the same madness you note in your post. only problem is that your link to the solution page takes me to a site that is no longer supported. any chance you can tell me the exact url for the solution? many thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!

Anonymous said...

I had this problem as well - drove me crackers for a while but eventually I found a solution. I had looked up a date in the future using the calendar in the system tray and inadvertently set the date in doing so.

This sent iTunes AND Norton into a huff until I reset things then, hey presto, iTunes and Norton back in business. Three wasted days trawling forums to find a solution when the problem was of my own making.

Hope this works for you.

Anonymous said...

I had this problem on XP. The solution I found is to go into the Windows Firewall and find the Exceptions Tab. Look for the Itunes exception, which enables Itunes to get through the Firewall. Delete this. Now set up a new exception for Itunes by using the file browse facility. Reboot the computer and it should work, did for me! This trick can also be used for Half Life 2 updates which are sometimes blocked by the Firewall. What has happened is that Itunes has been updated and the Firewall no longer recognises it, you therefore need to reinstate the exception on the Firewall.

Anonymous said...

I too had the exact same problem but i followed the instructions posted at and i was able to solve my problem that way