Thursday, April 12, 2007

ESPN Fantasy Baseball Reset

In the aftermath of the problems at ESPN fantasy baseball, they've decided to reset the whole game! I guess it makes sense. I had some great pickups one one of my two teams -- the team that wasn't affected by any of the problems. Maybe other teams in that league were, but I don't think so. It seemed like any problems were on a league-wide basis. My second team had problems, and there were definitely extra messages from ESPN posted to that league that weren't posted to the other league. Oh well, it's not like we're paying any of this. ESPN has offered reasonable compensation to make up for everything, including giving ESPN Insider access for the duration of the baseball season. That's pretty nice. I don't know how many times I would get an RSS post from ESPN that was insider-only, and I wouldn't know it was insider-only until I had clicked on the link back to ESPN's site.

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