Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hacking My A950

About a year ago, I switched my wireless service to Verizon and bought a Samsung SCH-A950. It has a lot of nice features, but in typical Verizon fashion, some of these were crippled.

First off, it is a music player, but Verizon made it where it could only play WMA files, not MP3s. I had read that Samsung included an MP3 player, but Verizon just disabled.

Next, while it is a Bluetooth phone, it only supports Headset and Hands-free profiles. In particular, it does not support Dial-up networking. That's a real shame given the EVDO network it can connect to.

I had found this link on enabling MP3 and DUN, but it seemed like too much trouble. But today I cam across this gem. I enabled the "Hidden Menu" by simply punching in 1475369126874#*. From there it was easy to enable MP3 playback. I haven't tried the DUN option yet, since it's not over Bluetooth and thus it's not as interesting to me.


Anonymous said...

Damn - that was easy! (as long as you read the guide from Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I have an a950 from Telus. They provide their own firmware and the instructions given don`t work :(

The phone does have mp3 enabled, but it still has some other problems.