Monday, December 04, 2006

BCS -- The Final Chapter

So it was a good weekend for the Gator Nation. I was surprised to see USC fall, though they've really been pretty shaky at many time this year. I was pleased to see how well Florida played against Arkansas, particularly the Florida defense holding Arkansas to 130 yards total on the ground. I still thought that there was a very good chance that Michigan would get a re-match with Ohio State for the BCS Championship.

Then I saw a lot of people lobbying for Florida on Saturday nigth and in the papers on Sunday morning. I think the thing that held weight for a lot of people was that a team playing for the national title should have won it's conference. A Big 10 vs. SEC championship just made a lot of sense to people, so even though they may not have liked Florida, they moved them up to #2 in the polls. That turned out to be enough, and now Florida will play Ohio State on January 8.

I'll be the first to admit that Florida may not be as good as Michigan. However, I don't think Michigan could do any better the second time against Ohio State than they did the first. It is usually harder to beat a team twice, but Michigan was lucky to be within 3 points at the end of that game. A neutral field would help them, no doubt, but I think Ohio State would have won by double digits. Maybe Florida doesn't have a chance either, but I think their defense will give Ohio State some problems. Ohio State has not played against any team with anywhere near the speed of Florida's. But whatever. Florida deserves a shot at the title more than Michigan, who has already had their chance to beat #1. We all know that a playoff is needed, and now they'll be a lot of people from Michigan behind that idea. The entire SEC has been behind the idea ever since what happened to Auburn a few years ago.

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