Monday, March 28, 2005

This is my second try at a blog. My first was back in 2003, while my wife was pregnant with our first child. Of course becoming a dad took a lot of my time and the blog went down the drain. Now our son is a year old, and I have a little more time. This time I'm going to stick to non-personal stuff, mostly technical and political. I'll try not to mix the two, since the technical ones may be reposted on my company's intranet. So let's start with a political one.

The Terry Schiavo ordeal has really gotten out of hand. It's amazing that Republicans have been so willing to try and step in to an affair that was legal one handled by a state court. Of course nobody wants to have to make the decision of letting a love one die, but would it really be better to have the government make this decision for us?

Even more annoyingly predictable is the anti-judicial system banter. I had to hear a pundit on CBS radio last night talking about how wrong it is to let unelected judges make important decisions like this, instead of having our elected officials do so. This is usually the kind of talk you hear when the courts protect flag burning or don't allow prayer in public school.

Of course liberals are just as bad. I'm constantly getting bombarded by emails from liberal groups about trying to block Republican appointed judges. Maybe the judicial branch always winds up being hated? I guess that makes sense because they are not elected and don't have to worry about re-election. If they were elected, then we would just have to blame ourselves for electing them but could vow that they would not be re-elected.

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