Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tetris and the iPhone

I really shouldn't write about the iPhone. There's way too much being written about it. But I was sitting outside today, waiting for somebody to call me back on my cell phone. I was a little bored so I went to Blackberry's portal site. I browsed some games, and noticed Tetris. So I downloaded the trial version to my phone and started playing it.

That's when I realized that such a thing would not be possible on the iPhone and that just seemed silly. Oh, that's right somebody just needs to do an AJAXy Tetris web application that doesn't use Java or Flash... Ok, so somebody has already done that and maybe it will play nice on the iPhone. But you get my point. The limitations of not being able to install software on a device that is supposedly running a full blown operating system (OSX) is just ridiculous.

And in case Steve Jobs asks, Tetris did not cause my Blackberry to crash and it did not bring down the Verizon Wireless network.


andy said...

Really? iphone's can't do java and only do web apps? that is funky (webkit is funky). I haven't really looked at the iphone as a platform, I've kinda always liked blackberry (mostly cause I'm familiar with the backend, the software stack, and their security stuff). Guess we just need some GWT games library to come out so we can make a sweet tetris (and maybe some lode runner, those 2 are all I seem to play).

More on topic, that dude who made javascript tetris is cool (derek something, the css nude guy). The rotation stuff felt a little weird near the walls though.

Michael Galpin said...

Ok, so my post was accurate when I wrote it last summer. Actually it is still accurate that the iPhone cannot run Java or Flash. However, you can now write Tetris for the iPhone by using the just-released iPhone SDK. Just make sure you have an Intel-based Mac with about 6 GB of extra disk space. Oh, and make sure you know how to program in Objective C!