Friday, June 15, 2007

More iPhone Thoughts

Lots has been written about the lack of an SDK for the iPhone:

Valleywag had a pretty good aggregation of opinions. This included a great write-up by John Gruber that echoes the opinions of many developers. Dave Winer chimed in on Apple's overall dislike of developers and then gave an alternate theory that it's AT&T's fear of Skype that is the real key.

I have to agree more with Dave's first point and with John Gruber. Apple has never treated their developers well. Apple has always treated developers very poorly, unlike Microsoft.

Focusing on more positive things, Eugene Ciurana on TheServerSide looks at the iPhone and its lack of SDK as an opportunity for Java web developers. This is some truth here, but there are way more people online already than will ever be using the iPhone, so that opportunity must be put in context. Also, I have to admit finding it amusing that Eugene thinks that:
Most mission-critical and scalable websites run on Java, and most serious Web 2.0 frameworks are implemented in Java.
Playing on this point, I did notice the new add from Apple playing up the web app capabilities of the iPhone.

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