Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Here's another sign that I'm old... I went to Rasputin's recently, with the intention of buying the new White Stripes CD, Icky Thump. I used to really like going to Rasputin's. I would spend lots of time digging through used CDs and listening to obscure recommendations posted around the store.

This time was different. I was immediately annoyed by the smell. Then I was annoyed by the music playing. It was not very good and it was very loud. Then I was annoyed not to find Icky Thump in the White Stripes section. I did find it on a display at the end of the aisle. I was annoyed that it was "on sale" for $12.99.

I had no inclination to browse. I just wanted to get my CD and get out of there. So I got in line to check out. There were three cashiers, each with a customer, but nobody else in line. I was optimistic, but that was a mistake. I waited forever before one of the customers finally finished their transaction and left. I immediately went to the open cashier, who then promptly walked away to go and converse with one of the customers at the adjacent cashier.

That was it. I had had enough. I put down my CD, and walked out of the store. I felt like shouting to the people "What is wrong with you idiots! Do you not realize that you are on borrowed time? Your business model is failing. It is just a matter of time before you disappear like Tower Records! In the time I waited in line here, I could have downloaded your CD from iTunes or off Bit Torrent!" I doubt that I will be back. Oh well.

Tonight I bought Icky Thump on eBay for $11 total with shipping. I like going to the store and buying a CD. I like being able to go back to my car, pop in my new CD, and listen to it. I think CDs are generally still the best way to buy music. I like being able to rip them to high quality MP3s for listening to on my computer, iPod, and car stereo. But I cannot tolerate Rasputin's.

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