Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Flocked Again

On a tip, I decided to try a developer build of Flock 0.8 (well 0.7.99 is what it says.) It has some very cool new features. The blog editor has some rich editing capabilities. Setting up accounts seems even easier than before. Just go to somewhere like Flickr and Flock simply asks you if it's ok for it to enable the service. Pretty seamless. The only exception I saw to this was with Blogger. It prompted me once when I went to the Blogger website, but then when I wanted to post, I was asked to setup the service again. Maybe that will be worked out for 0.8.

The RSS reader looks a lot nicer. There is integration with YouTube, which is very cool. It is running on the Firefox 2.0 code, so everything renders much quicker. Now if only there was a way to sync my RSS metadata between Flock on my work and home computers...

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