Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Album Artwork

I really like the iTunes feature of displaying album artwork, Cover Flow I believe they call it. It always annoying when I have a CD with no artwork. I was listening to "Hells Bells" by AC/DC and it had no artwork. I right-clicked on it and instructed iTunes to "Get Album Artwork" but it didn't work. I then click on the little arrow next the artist so I could search for AC/CD on iTunes. Much to my surprise, "Back in Black" is not available on iTunes Music Store, thus there was no way for iTunes to download the artwork.

I recently started using Last FM. I opened up Last FM on its "Now Playing" tab. It showed the artwork for "Back in Black". I clicked on it and it opened the Last FM in Firefox. I then right-clicked on "Hells Bells" in iTunes and selected "Get Info" and then the Artwork tab. I grabbed the artwork from Firefox and dragged it to the Artwork on iTunes, and somewhat surprisingly it just worked. Now I have artwork for any of my songs from "Back in Black." There could have been a few less clicks in the process, but it was still pretty intuitive and worked really well.

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