Sunday, January 07, 2007

Thanks Nancy

I've been a registered Democrat since I turned 18. I voted for Bill Clinton twice, Al Gore, and John Kerry. Still, I generally disagree with the Democratic at least as often as I agree with them. That didn't stop me from being encouraged when the Democrats won control of Congress in November.

When I heard about the First 100 Hours Agenda, I wasn't overly impressed. I am definitely not a fan of raising the minimum wage or lowering student loan interest rates, for example. However, with President Bush preparing to announce his plan to increase troop levels in Iraq, I am relieved to finally see the Democrats stand up on Iraq. It's been one of the most disappointing things as a Democrat. They've been so afraid of being labeled unpatriotic or soft on terrorism that they've never gone out and demanded a withdrawal from Iraq. Granted a few Democrats have done this on their own, but the whole party. Pelosi is (supposedly) going do just that. No more "let's adopt the whatever-commissions recommendations" blah blah blah... Instead the Dems are goings to finally deliver the message their constituents have been shouting at them: "Get out of Iraq."

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