Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Baseball HOF

I wasn't surprised to see Mark McGwire not get into the Hall of Fame today. ESPN had already published the results of a poll they did among HOF voters, and it was clear McGwire was not going to get in. That's a shame. I listened to Jime Rome say that he just wishes McGwire would talk about the past. He had on Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci, an HOF voter, who said that McGwire had denied ever using steroids back in 1998 and he doesn't understand why he doesn't do that now.

So if McGwire would just say "I've never taken steroids" then he would be voted into the HOF? I guess we just want to believe that McGwire got that huge naturally. Give us our blissful ignorance and we'll put you in the HOF.

Look, we all know he took steroids. We all knew it back then. People need to grow up and realize that McGwire did exactly what we wanted him to do. He got huge so he could hit the ball 500+ ft. and break records. That's what everybody wanted. It gave us the most magical moment in baseball in recent history. It healed all the damage done by the 1994 strike. And it was powered by steroids. Now we need to all just get over that and give McGwire his due.

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