Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Digital Holidays

The holidays are over, but hopefully we all have fond memories from the time we spent with our friends and families. The modern spin on this is that it's really easy to digitize those memories now, in this day and age of digital photography. It's easy for everyone to take tons of digital pictures. No more running out of film, and you don't have to wait to get the photos developed. A lot of printers now support direct printing -- just plug in your camera once you're done snapping up shots of the kids opening their presents and print them out to mail them to grandma.

A company downstairs from my company, Presto, has an even easier way to share those digital pictures with grandma. Buy grandma a Presto/HP printer and she'll get a Presto email address. Send your pics to her and they'll print out on her HP printer automagically.

I like to download my pics to my computer still. I usually use Picasa and then upload the pics to Flickr. My friend Terry often has good tips on digital photography in his blog.

Note: This post is sponsored by HP.

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