Thursday, February 03, 2011

Moving on

Recently I was in Los Angeles and took a cab from the airport to my hotel. When I got out of the cab, I left my iPhone 4 in the car. I called the cab company, but they were of no use. I had lost my iPhone. And no, I didn't have the Find My iPhone feature enabled on my iPhone. It's actually a pain to do that, if you don't use MobileMe.

Fortunately being a mobile developer, I had another phone with me, my Nexus One. I've been carrying two phones for awhile. I only used apps on the N1, and mostly just phone features on the iPhone (not a good use of an iPhone, especially the iPhone 4.) I stuck with most of my app usage on the N1, since I thought it would make me a better Android developer. Now all I had was an Android phone.
I moved my phone number to the N1, which was on T-Mobile. Just so you know, I immediately got hit with the dreaded early termination fee. I didn't get an option to keep paying for the line of service.
So now I was in no-contract land, and I had a lot of options. I could buy another iPhone, even one on Verizon. I could wait until some of the new Android phones announced at CES were out. I was in no hurry because I had my N1. Instead of doing those things, I decided to buy a Nexus S. Here's why.

I think the Super AMOLED screen is by far the best out there. I had the iPhone 4 for six months, and I wasn't very impressed with the Retina Display. You can't make use of all of those pixels on such a small screen. Yes text looks great, but the colors are washed out and I definitely noticed that a lot more than the awesome text rendering.

I love that the Nexus S runs stock Android. No crap on it. I dislike SenseUI. I can tolerate TouchWiz, but I'm no fan. There are also no carrier crap, like the NASCAR app on Sprint 's phones. The only disadvantage of stock Android is the camera app. In comparison, I think the camera app on the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab is excellent. But hey it's Android, I can always customize.

I thought about getting a 4G phone. However I don't think it's worth it. Especially since I get to use the Nexus S's wireless hotspot feature for free. Plus I think all phones suffer when they transition from 3G to edge, and I think that problem would be much worse with 4G which will be spotty on any network for awhile.

Obviously the Nexus S is ideal for a developer as well. So the Nexus S it is! In fact, I wrote this blog post on it.

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