Saturday, April 04, 2009

All Your Pages Are Belong To Us

Remember back when people realized that the Internet was a valuable way to reach customers and potential customers? You would see all of these television or print ads where they would print the URL of a website, or even radio ads would have somebody read the URL of a website. Oh wait, I guess this is still done a lot. Whatever, a while back this really became unnecessary. Whatever the name of your brand or product, you could just search for it in the search engine of your choice and find the same link that was being advertised. Who wants to try to remember a URL anyways?

Well the days of remembering a URL may be coming back, sort of. Earlier tonight I was watching UNC beat down Villanova. During a TV timeout, there was an ad for a movie. I honestly do not remember the name of the movie. At the end of the commercial, they put up a URL. Only this time the URL was something like That's right, if you wanted to know more about this product, you needed to go inside the proverbial walled garden that is Facebook.

Now if you just searched for the name of this movie, would you get the link to the Facebook page? Maybe, but maybe not, or maybe it would depend on the search engine. Of course, if you were already on the Facebook site, and searched there, then you surely would find this page. So what does this mean? Do we need to start remember and typing in URLs? Or do we just need to do all of your search inside Facebook?

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