Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Safari Flash Fail

This happens to me a lot:

Take a look at the stack trace that gets sent to Apple:

So I think this is being caused because I set the storage allowed by the Flash player to 0 KB. The default is 100 KB. Why do I have it set at 0 KB? It's not because I am some privacy fanatic, just the opposite in fact. It was because I was debugging some PayPal code a few months back that required that Flash local storage be unavailable. Most sites then ask to set it back to the default 100 KB. However, if the SWF in question is too small to show the settings dialog, then it can't show the dialog to ask the user to set the amount of local storage for the site. You can right-click any SWF to bring this setting up, well any SWF that is biggest enough to display the settings manager. This is on a per site basis, but you can set things globally as well. Dealing with the error that is thrown when setting data fails is what I helped PayPal with. Obviously there are a lot of sites that do not deal with this error, and that seems to bubble up in Safari and cause it to crash.

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