Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gator Talk

Yesterday I went to the Florida vs. FSU football game. I haven't had much recent, personal college football history...

The last college football game I had been to was ... a Bakersfield College game earlier this year. That's not exactly Division 1. The last D1 game I had gone to was Tennessee vs. UCLA in 1997.

The last Florida football game that I attended was 1995, vs. Tennessee.

The last Florida vs. FSU game that I attended was ... 1986!

Needless to say, Saturday's game was a sweet return. I went with my brother, and we managed to stay relatively dry despite the dreary weather. Some folks thought that the Gators played a little sloppy, but I thought that the game, especially the first half, was about as good as could be ... if it wasn't for the kickoff team. FSU scored 9 points without any offense, courtesy of filed position. Two FGs were setup by long kickoff returns, and another by a fumble (only one fumble given the conditions, is not too bad.)

Anyways, all attention shifts to the SEC Championship Game against Alabama. The game is a de facto playoff game: whoever wins will be playing for the BCS Championship. Injuries are playing a big part of this game. Percy Harvin hurt his ankle last night against FSU, and that is a huge blow. The Gators have a lot of dangerous players, but Harvin is the most dangerous. You have got to assume that either he will not go, or (worse) will play, but play ineffectively. Advantage Alabama.

The Gators still have their three blazing fast running backs, Rainey, Demps, and Moody. They will have to get more out of these guys. However, this game will on artificial turf in the Georgia Dome. The fast track definitely favors Florida.

Florida will also get Lawrence Marsh back. That should help, as they looked a little vulnerable up the middle at times against FSU. If the Gators are stout up the middle (as they have been all year,) it will be very tough for Alabama to score much. Oh what I wouldn't give to go to that game!

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