Sunday, October 05, 2008

October Talks

October is going to be a busy month for me. Next weekend I will be at Adobe's FlashCamp. I will be there Friday night and Saturday, and I may do a short session on TwitterScript, the ActionScript API that I maintain. In particular I want to talk about some of the authentication wrinkles present in TwitterScript and its forked brothers.

On October 20, I am speaking at AjaxWorld. I am going to be talking about a subject near and dear to me, Networked Applications. I'll be talking about why you shouldn't waste the power of your servers building HTML strings but why you should instead start using things like jQuery, GWT, or Flex to cash in on the power of your user's computers.

The week after that, I will be on the east coast speaking at EclipseWorld. On Day One, I am doing a day long, introductory workshop on Ruby on Rails. Of course I'll also talk about how Eclipse can help you out. On Day Two, I am doing two talks. One ties in to the previous day's workshop and is about RadRails. The other session is on ... iPhone development. Kind of a strange topic for me. Chris Williams from Aptana was supposed to do both sessions, but couldn't make it. So Aptana asked me to fill in for him. Hopefully they won't wind up regretting that decision!


Anonymous said...

My name is Adrian and I was interested in TwitterScript. Is there any documentation for it? Do you need any help with the project?

Unknown said...

Just trying to get a handle on the api, willing to do documentation if none is there.

Unknown said...

Help is always great! Currently I want to fold back in some of the authentication changes that were made in a fork of the code. I removed the old header based authentication because Flash player no longer supported it. It could be used again if Twitter changed their crossdomain.xml file, and it can always be used in AIR apps. It would be nice to put this back in and make it optional.

Of course Twitter is always tweaking their APIs as well. So there may be new features and what not that need to be added.