Friday, August 08, 2008

The Wrong Color of Green

So apparently the folks in Green Bay didn't listen to me about the best way to resolve the Brett Favre situation. It's not like they are going to get a first or second round pick now, for the simple reason that Jets stink. Whatever. I'm glad we've still got Lilly. Anyways...

I am not happy about Favre playing for the Jets. Of course, I think I know Green Bay's strategy here. They know that Favre will have to play against New England twice a year for as long as he stays unretired. They know that Belichick is an evil genius who likes nothing better than to cause his opponent's mind to implode.

Last year we learned about another little fetish of Belichick: football video. Think of all of the video of Favre that the Packers have accumulated. Think of all of the other goodies that might be laying around, like Rorscach test results, etc. Now imagine all of that in the hands of Belichick... Ted Thompson may just get the last laugh.

Update: Looks like trickle down economics works after all as Miami has signed Jets castoff Chad Pennington.

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