Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Tuesday

Obviously I'm voting for Ron Paul. I really thought that the Republican race would still be clouded. Oh well, I was wrong. It does mean I will get to vote against McCain twice this year! More on that in another blog... Let's talk about the more interesting stuff on the ballot in California tomorrow: The Propositions!

Prop 91 -- Places restrictions on tax money earmarked for transportation infrastructure. Definitely a yes.

Prop 92 -- The key here is that this freezes community college fees. Wait, so I "own" (pay taxes) a business (state government) that produces a product (community college education) and I want to fix what my business charges for that product, even if I have to pay more (pay professors more, etc.) for it? That is stupid. It will only cause community college education to suffer just like all other forms of public education... No.

Prop 93 -- Reduce term limits from 14 to 12 years ... I am against term limits. Let people vote for who they want to, so No.

Props 94-97 -- Ah, the new Indian gaming "compacts". First off, Indian casinos are state backed monopolies. They get special privileges from the state, and in turn pay the state a percentage of profits. Personally I have nothing against Indian tribes having casinos, I just have something against laws that prevent non-Indian tribes from having casinos. So I have to vote against these measures. No.

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